Our Experience


Investing in the success and wellbeing of our communities.

At JMF Properties, we are proud to give back to the communities we serve. One powerful example is the Arc/Morris Home in Hanover Township.


Dedicated to the care, support and advancement of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, Arc/Morris sought to enhance their services by building a “respite” home, specifically designed for temporary stays, giving critical relief and support to caretakers.


As a not-for-profit, funding was the biggest challenge. Believing strongly in the need for the respite facility, and committed to seeing its successful implementation for the benefit of the community, JMF properties both built and financed the 4,000 sf facility.


In Spring 2013, Arc/Morris announced the official opening of the Rubenstein Respite Home, dedicated to the care, support and advancement of people with disabilities and their families. Together with Arc/Morris and various entities and partners, JMF has helped ensure over 1,000 individuals and families receive essential support.

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