Well Building Standard

WELL concept outline for apartments

What is the WELL Building Standard?

JMF Properties is proud to have developed the first residential community in New Jersey to achieve WELL Certification, based on a standard for measuring features of the building that impact the wellness of residents. WELL Certifications do not come easily- less than 300 buildings worldwide have been certified by WELL. This building standard focuses on seven concepts to encourage wellness, which we will detail below.


Air quality, both indoor and outdoor, is crucial to health and wellness. The WELL Building Standard acts upon nearly 30 features revolving around clean and purified air, some of which include air quality standards, ventilation effectiveness, air filtration, microbe and mold control, and air quality monitoring and feedback.


Clean and pure water is another crucial element of healthy living. WELL takes the time to evaluate a building’s water source and take appropriate action. The WELL standard implements eight water-related features, including limiting inorganic, organic, and agricultural contaminants in water and conducting periodic water quality tests.


Poor diet and food preparation have a detrimental effect on overall health, which is why buildings with the WELL standard in place require the availability of healthy foods over unhealthy ingredients and promote positive eating habits. Some of the nourishment features of the WELL Building Standard include easily accessible fruits and vegetables, safe and mindful food storage, transparent nutrition information, and responsible food production.


Light, whether it is natural or artificial, contributes to a person’s health and wellness. WELL’s guidelines regarding light are meant to minimize disruption to the body’s circadian system, improving productivity and quality of sleep. The 11 WELL light features include initiatives such as visual and circadian lighting design, electric light glare control, low-glare workspace design, and automated shading and dimming controls.


Physical activity is essential for optimal health, but unfortunately, sedentary lifestyles are very common. The WELL Building Standard seeks to promote increased exercise and physical activity by providing helpful resources and features. Some of these include activity incentive programs, physical activity spaces, structured fitness opportunities, and active furnishings and workstations.


Simply being comfortable in your own home is an often overlooked factor of wellness. Disruptions throughout the day often frustrate and distract us, and mental stress can have many physical effects. The WELL Building Standard complies with requirements that are meant to create the most comfortable environment possible, drawing upon features like accessible design, exterior noise intrusion, thermal comfort, and olfactory comfort.


Buildings designed with the WELL standard in mind focus on optimizing cognitive and emotional health. This is achieved through mind features meant to positively impact mood, sleep, and stress levels. Such features include health and wellness awareness, a healthy sleep policy, workplace family support, and access to stress management programs.

JMF Properties and the WELL Building Standard

JMF Properties is extremely proud to be the developer of Clarus Maplewood, one of only 13 residential properties in the world to achieve prestigious WELL Certification. We are dedicated to creating desirable spaces to live, work, shop, and more, and our 30 years of experience makes us the New Jersey redeveloper of choice. To learn more about JMF Properties and what we do, please contact us today.